The Lean Startup Conference 2015

November 16 - 19, 2015 - San Francisco, CA

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Lean Startup IGNITE Talks

The conference opens on Monday, November 16 at 6:30 PM with an evening of Lean Startup talks that have a twist. Each brave presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides—which advance automatically every 15 seconds. Fast-paced and thought-provoking, Ignite features presentations from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs sharing lessons you won’t want to miss. It’s a great way to see a lot of interesting ideas in a short period of time.

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Prior to the IGNITE Talks, join us at 5:30 PM at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason for the Ignite Opening Reception. This reception is open to all passholders. It’s an energizing kickoff to the conference, and we recommend joining in.

Our Emcee for the IGNITE Talks is Bill Grundfest, Golden Globe award winning story guru, founder of NYC’s Comedy Cellar, and Ignite Alumnus, whose story methods recently helped a startup get acquired by Google. @BillGrundfest


  • IGNITE: Everyone Speaks
    Brady Forrest, Ignite Talks, @brady
    Room: Cowell

    It takes a community to make an event. Cities have been celebrated and brought closer together by their local Ignites.

  • IGNITE: The Case for the Button
    Amanda Cowan, Farmhouse Delivery, @liquidgoldapp
    Room: Cowell

    This is the story of how a simple button saved a traditional media company thousands in development costs. The button was simple. Getting buy-in for the button wasn’t. Learn three ways to influence team members to adopt Lean Startup methodologies, even if it is just a button.

  • IGNITE: Lean Startup in the High School Setting
    Room: Cowell

    High schools across the nation are implementing Lean Startup methodology in entrepreneurship, business, and marketing courses. Erica Swallow, VP of Product at education non-profit Noble Impact, will share the story of how her team is empowering students to get out of the building and solve the problems they see in their communities.

  • IGNITE: How to Build a Tech Startup Without Writing Code
    Room: Cowell

    Being a non-technical entrepreneur is hard. But Kollecto founder, Tara Reed is pushing the boundaries of what non-technical founders can do! Reed built her startup’s app MVP (and algorithm) without writing any code. She used that MVP to validate her idea, generate her first $30k in revenue, and get accepted to a top accelerator program (500 Startups).

  • IGNITE: Finding your mobile growth
    Room: Cowell

    Most companies aren’t going deep enough with their user behavior data.

    In this talk, Spenser Skates, CEO and Co-founder of Amplitude, will introduce a framework of the 3 levels of analytics. Many companies are only measuring vanity metrics and figuring out where their problems are, but aren’t finding new ways to grow.

    By analyzing the actions that your users take, you’ll discover how you can improve your product to drive growth. As with Facebook’s famous ‘7 friends in 10 days’, learn how you can find the ‘magic moment’ to focus your product around.

  • IGNITE: The 100 Day Challenge - Learnings from a Rapid Hardware Entrepreneur
    Elin Elkehag, Instalert Inc., @elkehag
    Room: Cowell

    Got an idea? Would you invest 2 hours in that idea to guarantee your next step towards success? Can a 50-cent prototype be the key to moving your project forward with confidence? Is it worth $50 bucks to see if you product has legs? Elin Elkehag tells the story of what she learned during her 100-day lean startup challenge.

  • IGNITE: People vs Profit - Finding Harmony
    Room: Cowell

    The Labor Movement has long revered unions that represent the most members. Union mottos often carry slogans like “Representing 2.2 million hardworking Americans.” This means a unions’ reputation is not only based on how much money it accrues via member’s dues, but how well unions can bargain on a worker’s behalf. Coming from two of the most successful organizing unions, Larry Williams and his partner applied Lean Startup to create their own metric, one that allows them to grade their company’s success not only by how much revenue is generated, but by how successful they are at connecting union clients with potential members.

  • IGNITE: Non-Profits and Metrics Beyond Financial
    Ame Elliott, Simply Secure , @ameellio
    Room: Cowell

    This IGNITE talk describes how nonprofit Simply Secure used metrics to pivot their value proposition to focus on design. Non-financial metrics for benchmarking cultural change demonstrate how they’re supporting user experience design expertise across a complex ecosystem of partners and collaborators.

  • IGNITE: Live on Demand - Making Thought Leaders Accessible
    Room: Cowell

    Creating an event with a great speaker without knowing if there is a paying audience is a risky adventure for any individual or company with the ambition to organize an inspiring and engaging event. Live on Demand takes away the risk and makes thought leaders accessible. Anyone can start a campaign for her favourite speaker. When enough people join, the speaker is booked and the event is organized.  Live on Demand launched about two years ago in a local pilot in Amsterdam and is currently preparing for international rollout. In 2015 fans organized the biggest crowdfunded event ever with Live on Demand. Live on Demand is a Rockstart Accelerator alumnus and finalist of Dublin Websummit. CEO and cofounder Thijs Sprangers shares the story of Live on Demand, which is based on Lean Startup principles.

  • IGNITE: From Mobile to Slack: Implementing Lean Startup
    Room: Cowell

    Quang Hoang and his team pivoted from building a mobile application for expense management to integrating with Slack. In this Ignite talk, Quang will tell their story – a great example of the Lean Startup mindset put into practice.

  • IGNITE: Professionalising Product - What Happens After Product/Market Fit?
    Jobina Hardy, Lost My Name , @iamjobina
    Room: Cowell

    At the start we’re all chasing product/market fit and every entrepreneur is the driving force behind their product. But as the company grows and the customer base evolves, how do you keep an eye on your product whilst juggling all the other requirements for business growth? Jobina Hardy, Product Manager at GV-backed London tech business Lost My Name, charts the steps they took to keep an appropriate amount of focus on their core product and its impact on customer happiness as the business grew.

  • IGNITE: What Mushrooms and Fish Poop Taught Us About Launching a New Line of Breakfast Cereals
    Nikhil Arora, Back to the Roots , @backtotheroots
    Alejandro Velez, Back to the Roots , @backtotheroots
    Room: Cowell

    Back to the Roots founders Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora share their journey from investment banking to mushroom farming and aquaponics. They reveal the lean principles they’ve learned along the way that led them to launch a new line of organic breakfast cereals into thousands of grocery stores and classrooms this year.

  • IGNITE: Lean Startup - The Musical
    Room: Cowell

    New to the Lean Startup scene, but you’re not sure what this Lean Startup thing is, how to use the buzzwords, or even how it got started? William Donnell will catch you up with this Ignite song. That’s right, this “talk” is a musical.