Ritika Puri

Content Marketing Lead

Ritika is LSCo’s resident storyteller and content marketer. With direct experience as a startup entrepreneur and corporate intrapreneur who practices Lean Startup methodologies, she is passionate about helping companies take risks, learn continuously, and get closer to their customers. She joined the LSCo in 2014 as the team’s speaker curator, and re-joined the team in 2015 to share more community stories through a different medium—blogging.

In addition to working with LSCo, Ritika runs a content company called Storyhackers. In past lives, she ran a strategic partnerships team for one of the world’s biggest finance publishers, built analytics frameworks to measure ROI across $100M+ of marketing spend, created multi-million dollar revenue streams from the ground up, and co-founded a health center in New Delhi, India.

Contact Ritika: [email protected]