Jeanette DePatie

Speaker Coordinator

For over two decades Jeanette DePatie has served as a pioneer in marketing, interactive technology and content development; combining three different yet uniquely complimentary skill sets. She has a deep and abiding love for all things technical. She has a clear understanding of marketing including how to explain really complicated stuff and how to get people to buy incredibly complicated stuff. And she knows how to create compelling content. She has put this unique collection of skills to work in projects at all levels from helping an executive team at a Monsanto subsidiary roll out an international technical product launch, to helping small children learn about the human body in a set-top game for the latest Magic School Bus® DVD. She has produced interactive art projects for Intel’s Creator’s Project at Coachella, written patent applications for and executive produced the Dance2It mobile application platform, created bleeding-edge trade show demos for Microsoft, produced a multi-city mall tour for Konami’s American Idol, written a best-selling book, and produced literally hundreds of hours of LIVE streamed content.

Jeanette has produced, managed, marketed and created materials for a wide range of other clients including Apple, Disney, Fox, HBO, Heuris, Hitachi, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Monsanto, Panasonic, Paramount, Pulitzer Broadcasting, Sony, Southwestern Bell, Spruce, Sundance, Universal, and Warner Bros. She is frequently contacted by the media and has appeared on or in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dr. Drew, The Katie Couric Show, ABC News, CBS Interactive and The Huffington Post. Jeanette has also served as a committee leader and national board member for the Producers Guild of America.