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Photo by The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Mosur and Erin Lubin
Photo by The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Mosur and Erin Lubin

One is the loneliest number. You get all fired up about modernizing the way your company does things, only to find that momentum stalled by any number of downers. Rigid managers. Employees who are terrified of change. Communication breakdowns between folks in different time zones. Teams for whom the idea of sharing info just. does. not. compute.

Our Lean Startup Labs Enterprise Summit (Feb. 24-25) is the catalyst you need to go from being the only innovator in your organization to creating a domino effect across an office or around the globe.

Workshop Lean Startup Principles

Even if you’ve read the Lean Startup book, making the jump from paper learning to active practice can be a challenge. So we’re doing a day-long deep dive into the methodology and discussing advanced topics such as innovation accounting in an intensive workshop. You’ll come away with an understanding of all the important terminology as well as key Lean Startup components such as leadership behavior and organizational culture, product development, and portfolio governance. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of introducing Lean Startup to a corporate workplace and scaling it across large organizations.

Do While You’re Listening

We’re not going to spend two days talking at you. The Lean Startup Labs Summit Series is a hands-on bootcamp that includes exercises throughout — including a live challenge where you’ll be testing a hypothesis in real time with our expert coaches. With the help of Alpha X, that hypothesis will go out into the real world, so you’ll get actionable feedback on your idea. From there we’ll teach you how to best use data and metrics to drive all your hypotheses.

In another workshop, Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Institute at NYU, takes us through the nuts and bolts of designing an effective MVP experiment, with industry experts Ryan Jacoby (founder, Machine) and Giff Constable (acting CEO, Neo).

Learn About Their Incubators … and From Their Mistakes

Our Enterprise Summit speakers hail from the top names in healthcare, energy, finance, media, government, and education. They’re bringing you their wins and, well, their “we aren’t gonna talk about this on record”s alike. You’ll hear the stories that you won’t get anywhere else. Through their case studies, you’ll understand how lone wolves at industry giants infused their teams with Lean Startup practices and pick up new tactics for your organization.

  • Learn the specifics of how education giant Pearson found great success in fine-tuning its product cycle using Lean Startup from Sonja Kresojevic, SVP of Product Life Cycle.
  • Get the scoop on the steps GE used to implement its FastWorks innovation program around the world — a system based on improved communication, accountability, and understanding the customer — with Viv Goldstein, Global Director of Innovation Acceleration.
  • American Express’ VP of product delivery Andrew Breen didn’t let a regulated, conservative environment stop him from pushing through Lean iterative processes. He’ll divulge the secrets to overcoming cultural and organizational roadblocks so you don’t get bogged down at the starting line.
  • The Garage is a Lean Startup-style incubator inside Optum, the health services arm of Fortune 14’s United Healthcare. The VP of innovation and R&D at Optum, Kunjorn Chambundabongse, proves that you really can create a successful new startup within an older enterprise landscape.
  • Dun & Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave will show how an international, 175-year-old company remains an aggressive player in the credit industry thanks to a marketing strategy that uses Lean thinking to target only the most valuable customer relationships.
  • And because we value failure as highly as we do success, Ken Durand, Head of Innovation at the Atlanta Ideas Factory (Ericsson) will give a brutally honest talk about what didn’t work when he tried to implement Lean Startup techniques in an enterprise setting. Spoiler alert: he’s made it work in the long-run, but now you won’t have to remake his mistakes.

Break Down The Silos

Teams that don’t understand how to share information can bring the whole organization down. Our Summit experts busted down the silos between their departments and lived to talk about it.

  • Benjamin Kumpf, policy specialist at UNDP, will discuss how he’s turned his division of the United Nations into an innovation lab, working with teams in very different cultures and countries. His case study will also focus on deprogramming the rigid multi-year planning mentality that can tank experimentation.
  • Kimberly Hicks, VP of product management-user platform at Viacom, will discuss how she was able to get the company’s multiple brands to work together and to become more adaptive to their audience’s rapidly evolving media consumption habits.
  • Amee Mungo, Digital Transformation at Capital One, will lead a discussion on how to best get UX, design, and development to play nice. She’ll be joined by experts who know the importance of interdependent teams: John Whalen (founder, Brilliant Experience), Scott Childs (experience design lead, Capital One), and Greg Whalin (product, Facebook).

Build Teams For Ingenuity

What traits inspire ingenuity in an office? We’re hosting open discussions with these corporate rock stars about what’s worked for them, from rewiring the way your current teams operate to bringing in outside hires to facilitate change. Each speaker and workshop leader has taken a unique approach in this arena. Learn how the innovation experts, academics, and doers out in the field suggest you design teams to best meet your customers’ needs for the long haul.

Small Fries Think Big

Even if all your employees could currently fit in a single subway car, there will (hopefully) be a time when scaling is an issue. Our Enterprise Summit is also geared for the smaller startups who want to get a head start on scaling intrapreneurship.

The Lean Startup Labs’ Enterprise Summit has it all. Specific case studies that discuss the how. Small workshops where you can get your problems solved with a team. Experts across industries who collectively comprise an unparalleled supergroup of corporate innovation. Startup tours of NYC’s Silicon Alley.

Get in on this corporate community-focused summit by grabbing tickets for yourself/your team before they’re gone. Because it’s so much less fun trying to figure all this stuff out by yourself.

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