[Day 9/30] The Build-Measure-Learn Loop

One of the most important ideas in the Lean Startup methodology is that experimentation fits into the “build-measure-learn loop.” But what exactly does this mean? In today’s 30 Days of Lean Startup lesson, you’ll get two resources to help you answer this question:

  • An introduction to build-measure-learn. See how Eric Ries outlines this process in The Lean Startup, with tips on how to use it strategically within your organization.
  • A case study for build-measure-learn, in action. See how marketer Anita Newton used build-measure-learn feedback loops for her product’s packaging strategy.

And if you’re interested in more build-measure-learn tips, be sure to check out the following sessions at the 2015 Lean Startup Conference:

  • Lean analytics. Alistair Croll, consultant and author of Lean Analytics, will share techniques for using data to build products faster.
  • Using design thinking to build creative new products. In this hands on workshop, consultants Christina Wodtke and Laura Klein will teach you useful Design Thinking techniques like Storyboarding, Empathy Mapping, and Generative Research that will help you better understand your users and build more innovative products.
  • Lean 101, 201, and 301 workshops. Stay tuned for small Lean Startup workshops that are tailored to your experience and skill level.

Over three days at the conference, you and your team will be able to learn the basics of Lean Startup and dive deeper into specific topics that will help your organization meet your goals. If you are interested in bringing your team to the conference, for groups of 8 or more you will get a 20% discount as well as have The Lean Startup team customize your itinerary, so you can maximize your results when you get home.

Register for your pass here.

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