[Day 8/30] Customer Development Essentials

Photo by The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Mosur and Erin Lubin

Customer development is one of the three pillars of Lean Startup. It will help your team (whether you’re a startup, government, nonprofit or enterprise) validate your ideas and bring products to market faster.

The idea is simple: involving our customers as part of our product development process and thinking about feedback in a methodical way.

But, still there is a lot of confusion. (Do I do what my customers tell me? Do they ALWAYS know best?)

To make it work, you need a strategy to learn about your customers in a systematic, methodical way.

That’s what you get in today’s lesson. Today, we are busting through that confusion and sharing a couple of resources so you can be a customer development mastermind (including a timeless guide Eric created + 3 case studies to give you real world examples.)

  • What is customer development? This blog post, written by Eric Ries in 2008, gives you an in-depth introduction to customer development, along with techniques that you can apply to your own processes.
  • Read this before building your next product. This video roundup shows you customer development in action. Learn how 3 very different companies implemented this process into their business.

If you’re joining us for the 2015 Lean Startup Conference, be sure to check out the following talks, too:

  • Don’t listen to users: sample their experience! Google’s Tomer Sharon will walk audiences through The Experience Sampling Method for uncovering user experience needs and how it can help shape roadmap priorities.
  • Customer development power-ups. It costs time and money to get close to your customers. In this session, Gaurav Agarwal, product management and customer development leader at Lensbricks, will teach you the hacks he’s using to build the next generation of smart cameras.

You will get to hear these talks and so many more….There is still time to save 10% off full price for this November’s Lean Startup Conference. Get the details and register for your pass today.

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