[Day 11/30] Validated Learning About Customers

How many times have you sat in a brainstorming meeting when everyone has a great idea to share?

It’s difficult to buckle down to pick just one product or set of features when there are so many smart people in the room. To settle the score, many companies will use revenue KPIs as a tiebreaker.

But low-hanging profits don’t always have the answers that we need. Instead, we need time to learn upfront: profits come later.

The big question that comes next is how to balance long-term and short term strategies for measuring ROI. The answer? It’s a Lean Startup concept called validated learning, which comes in the form of data that demonstrates that the key risks in the business have been addressed by the current product.

Today’s lesson features an introduction to the topic of validated learning.

In this timeless blog post, Eric Ries reminds us of a valuable lesson: that focusing on revenue alone is just as bad as ignoring it altogether. Read on to learn what he means.

Lean Startup isn’t just a couple of ideas to implement or a quick fix, it is a completely new way of thinking and creating a sustainable business. The Lean Startup Conference was created to provide a deeper level of actionable learning–so that you can return to your team and implement immediately.

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