The Lean Startup Conference 2015

November 16 - 19, 2015 - San Francisco, CA

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2015 Lean Startup Conference Program Details

Talks about Lean Startup Training

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Workshops12:00 PM - 5:30 PM

For Platinum and Gold Passes only.

  • Lean Startup 10112:00-1:30 PM
    Room: C205

    The objective of the Lean Startup 101 training is to introduce the concepts, terminology and approaches — and, to help organizations overcome resistance accepting the new approach so that exploration and learning can begin. This practical, interactive session will provide a solid foundation for advanced sessions, including the Lean Startup 201 & 301. This training is designed for practitioners in both the enterprise and in startups who are relatively new to the Lean Startup approach or who are seeking a quick refresher.  Lean Startup 101 is a perfect way to kick off your week of Lean Startup!

    Thanks to Lean Startup Co.’s law firm, Orrick, for being the sponsor for this track.

  • Lean Startup 2012:00-3:30 PM
    Adam Berk, Pearson & Slingshot Ventures , @adamberk
    Jonathan Bertfield, Jonathan Bertfield Consulting & Pearson, @berters
    Room: C205

    In this training, the Lean Startup Company extends on the 101 training and shares practical applications and additional relevant examples to solidify the basics and show in detail how other companies have benefited from the approach. We will introduce the scientific method and dig deeper into assumptions, how to identify which ones to test and how to turn those risky assumptions into testable hypotheses. Additionally the training will introduce proven, practical tools that will enable the attendees to adopt the new approaches more quickly and resolve common challenges that have been previously identified by other organizations.

    Thanks to Lean Startup Co.’s law firm, Orrick, for being the sponsor for this track.

  • Lean Startup 3014:00-5:30 PM
    Aubrey Smith, Sparked Advisory
    Room: C205

    In this training, we will build on the foundation established in Lean Startup 101 and 201 by delving into examples and cases of the Lean Startup concepts in action.  Attendees of Lean Startup 301 will be exposed to cutting edge work from thought leaders and experts using Lean Startup in practice today — at startups and within the enterprise.  Participation in this session is essential:  You will be asked to help design an MVP and experiment to test critical Leap of Faith Assumption(s) in groups and will be encourage to share experiences.  The session is designed to allow attendees to stretch their skills and to push one-another to ‘learn by doing’. The session will also include:

      • Sample cases and live interviews with practitioners highlighting the application of core concepts;
      • Exercises designed to bring the concepts to life and challenge participants to deepen their skills;
      • Discussion of advanced topics such organizational culture and governance as well as industry-specific concepts such as using Lean Startup in heavily regulated markets.

    Thanks to Lean Startup Co.’s law firm, Orrick, for being the sponsor for this track.