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The Official Place For Lean Startup Training

Lean Startup Co. works with enterprise companies and government agencies to give them the tools and training needed to tackle challenges, deliver the latest advances in Lean Startup methodology, and offer support while celebrating their innovation stories. We continue to serve entrepreneurs and startups through a variety of free and reduced price resources that include experimental training, our podcast and webcast series, blog, live events and Labs Summit Series.

Are you a part of a large organization and seeking Lean Startup and modern management training?

Lean Startup Company teaches hands-on methods that allow you to learn core skills for rapidly developing new products, services and processes that support continuous innovation and sustainable growth.


Examples of training modules led by our expert faculty include:

  • An interactive, hands-on one, two or three day in-person training to introduce key fundamental concepts within Lean Startup methodology (such as customer validation, MVP, pivots and build-measure-learn feedback loop) and how to apply them in a practical workshop environment.
  • Advanced training topics including (but not limited to) innovation accounting, governance, incubation week, customer development, user experience and design thinking. We’re continuously expanding our library of offerings to help meet your needs and help integrate a Lean Startup mindset into your company culture.
  • The latest advances in Lean Startup methodology.
  • Case studies from large institutions and that have used Lean Startup methods and an overview of the framework for using it successfully in an established company.
  • Work on actual projects (not hypotheticals) and participate in activities that are based on lessons learned from real client engagements.
  • Hands-on exercises, using real-world challenges your company faces, in: identifying risk in new product/service development, reducing risk and measuring success.
  • Strategy sessions to help executive leaders establish an innovation framework.
  • Virtual coaching and ongoing support so you can independently execute, sustain momentum and drive lasting results.


Our trainings are customized for your company based upon your current goals and challenges. Our expert faculty travel all over the world to train groups ranging in size from a small number of executives to medium-sized project/product teams to large sets of cross-functional teams. Our practical and hands-on teaching methods ensure rapid acquisition and long-term retention of core skills for developing new products and services, innovation practices and modern management techniques.

Lean Startup Company completed a day-long workshop in 2014 and a two-day workshop in 2015 for our executives and cross-functional teams. I received so much positive feedback from attendees.  It was time well spent together learning how we could be more effective in our team work. Certainly, we exceeded my goal to grow BabyCenter’s shared understanding of Lean Startup and design-thinking principles. These workshops have set the groundwork for driving towards product excellence using lean startup principles.

— BabyCenter, An independently operated company within the Johnson & Johnson enterprise, San Francisco, CA

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