[Day 15/30] What have you learned in the last 14 days?

Over the past 14 days we have shared a lot the basic principles of The Lean Startup method, and more advanced information, like innovation accounting and how to implement Lean Startup in an existing company.

If you signed up late, or haven’t had a chance to read everything–today is the perfect opportunity to catch up.

Today we are reviewing what we have covered and looking forward to what is coming up.

Ready for what is next? Over the next 14 days, we will share with you:

  • How to get Executive Buy-in (and you can use the principles to get anyone to buy into anything)
  • Management – How do you manage a team or company using Lean Startup
  • The difference between actionable metrics & vanity metrics
  • Lean Marketing
  • How to deal with failure (this is key for your team–normally founders can handle failure much easier than employees)
  • How to do Lean Startup in a highly regulated field (we get A LOT of questions about this)
  • Examples of ‘out of the box’ companies and teams using Lean Startup
  • and so much more…

We would love to hear your insights from the first 14 days of the 30 Days of Lean Startup AND if there is something you want to learn about that we haven’t covered yet–or that we’ve covered and you have remaining questions on–let us know about that too!

If you know that you want the best resources and knowledge about Lean Startup, then our flagship conference is for you. You can see our full speaker lineup and get all the details here.

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