The Lean Startup Conference 2015

November 16 - 19, 2015 - San Francisco, CA

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Three Reasons Your Boss Should Send You To The Lean Startup Conference

We’ve heard your requests for information to help convince your bosses to send you to The Lean Startup Conference, November 16-19 in San Francisco. We know you have to justify not only the budget, but also the time away. This conference has an advantage to offer you: The time and money you spend attending will more than pay off when you’re immediately able to help your company build products more quickly and profitably.

Below are just a few benefits for employees of established companies in attending the Lean Startup Conference. Feel free to share with your boss–and once she or he says yes, register here.

1. Learn the key Lean Startup methods from experts

Lean Startup is a proven method for invigorating and sustaining innovation in established companies and in young startups alike. Recognizing that reality, this year’s conference includes a workshop,“Lean Analytics: Using Data to build a better business faster .” Led by Alistair Croll, author of Lean Analytics, the session will show you how to put your data to work. He’ll cover topics like how to think about data and what makes a good metric; six business model archetypes and how to find your own; and, what works for larger organizations trying to innovate. These two 90-minute sessions are relevant for both early-stage founders and intrapreneurs in large organizations.

If you’re brand new to Lean Startup, you’ll gain highly useful lessons from “Lean Startup 101, 201, and 301” – workshops designed by Lean Startup experts. Led by Phil Dillard (101); Adam Berk & Jonathan Bertfield (201); and Aubrey Smith (301), these workshops were developed to align with diffrerent levels of Lean Startup work – from the just-getting-started basics to industry-based, specific applications of Lean Startup.

2. Find out how to apply Lean Startup in your company through case studies and how-to sessions

Fostering innovation and a culture of entrepreneurship inside your corporation is key to success in today’s fast-moving markets. Corporations need managers and employees to work more quickly and effectively, and the conference has plenty of examples you can learn from. For instance, when GE implemented its FastWorks program, HR was involved from the beginning to ensure that company culture aligned with company initiatives. Janice Semper, architect of GE’s Culture of Simplification initative and a co-founder of GE FastWorks, joins The Lean Startup Conference to share the story of their effort to become a faster, more agile, and more customer-focused organization.

Everyone working on a new product is trying to achieve the same goal: product-market fit. Although product-market fit is one of the most important Lean Startup concepts, it’s also the least well defined. Dan Olsen shares the top advice from his book The Lean Product Playbook, including the Product-Market Fit Pyramid: an actionable model that breaks product-market fit down into 5 key elements. Dan also explains the Lean Product Process, a 6-step methodology with practical guidance on how to achieve product-market fit, illustrated with a real-world case study.

Oh, and we have talks on working within regulated industries. For example, Andrew Breen of American Express explores balancing compliance and experimentation.

3. Connect with peers and mentors at companies facing challenges similar to yours

It’s probably clear by now that The Lean Startup Conference isn’t for startup founders alone. Not only will speakers from corporations like Microsoft, Google and Ericsson share how Lean Startup principles work at their companies, but in addition, our Office Hours sessions–available to Platinum and Gold Passholders–give you a chance to sit down with speakers and select mentors for one-on-one conversations where you can discuss your most pressing challenges.

We also take extra care to make sure that you meet relevant attendees during breakout sessions, receptions, and dedicated dinners for corporate entrepreneurs at local restaurants. Attendees already registered hail from organizations like AARP, Adobe Systems, Andreessen Horowitz, AOL, BabyCenter, Capital One, Cisco, Constant Contact, Disney, Fidelity Investments, Gannett, GE, Genentech, GFK, GoDaddy, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intuit, LexisNexis, Macy’s, Microsoft, NASDAQ Private Market, O’Reilly Media, United Health Group, Pearson, Rackspace, Riot Games, SAP, Siemens, State Farm, Steelcase, Target, Twitter, and Viacom.

Conference attendees run the gamut of job titles, too. You’ll be surrounded by CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, engineers, HR, accountants, analysts, designers, strategists, marketers, business developers, product managers, IT, managers, operations, health care providers, UX designers, innovation & R&D leads, sales managers, coaches and professors. And not only are they coming from all over the country, but also from all over the world: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

Don’t miss the chance to learn about Lean Startup methods from the experts and bring its methods to your corporation. Register for the conference today.

PS. Here are just a few of our favorite talks on bringing Lean Startup principles to corporations from last year’s conference: