The Lean Startup Conference 2015

November 16 - 19, 2015 - San Francisco, CA

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Sponsor Testimonials:

“We weren’t even on-site for the event, and still had a really great experience. The sponsorship was managed well, and we appreciated the photos that were emailed to us in real-time. We also liked the reminders about when things were due in preparing for the sponsorship.” – Moo

“Part of our sponsorship involved a bundle of scholarship passes. We had a ton of interest from our network, and people were really excited about it. It was nice to do something proactive for our non-funded companies.” – Andreessen Horowitz

“Your audience is much different than most, and you’re the masters of it. We had conversations with startups and entrepreneurs, helping us figure out what business-related content they want to see, which helps our business grow.” – O’Reilly Media

“The mention from stage was personal and powerful. I appreciate it, and it represents a real relationship. The Lean Startup Conference brings together a community that most other conferences don’t have. It’s more of an early-adopter territory. People are trying to create value and do things in the world that are hard. They’re working on what needs to be done. You’ve got a tiny subset of the world focused on making change that will transform parts of the world. It’s a special thing, and people recognize that. It’s also collaborative and open.” – Moves the Needle

“We worked closely with the Lean Startup Conference team to host a sponsored lunch for conference attendees. They helped us get the right folks in the room and worked with us to craft an experience that reflected an inclusive nature that exceeded our goals. From the food and service to the beautiful room and killer view: we were able to have engaging conversations in an intimate atmosphere. What a first class experience!” -Kara DeFrias, former Senior Manager of Innovation and Experiential Design at Intuit