The Lean Startup Conference 2015

November 16 - 19, 2015 - San Francisco, CA

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2015 Lean Startup Conference Program

Welcome to the Golden Age of Entrepreneurship

The Lean Startup methodology has disrupted businesses everywhere. As a result of a more innovative, entrepreneurial-based economy, business leaders have been forced to take a fresh look at growth opportunities and the type of organization they need to build in order to stay competitive. Born out of the startup culture, Lean Startup provides the pathway to business transformation. So, how can businesses of all sizes apply Lean Startup principles to modernize and foster continuous innovation?

We’ll be answering that question and more at the Lean Startup Conference, which returns to San Francisco for it’s 6th year, bringing together the world’s great thinkers and Lean Startup practitioners who are shaping the future. Here’s an overview of the program. Details to be posted shortly! (please note that time and date are subject to change)


10:30AM             Registration Open; Breakfast and networking

12:00 – 5:30PM  Workshops

6:30 – 8:00PM     Opening reception and IGNITE event

The IGNITE event marks the official opening of The Lean Startup Conference, and is open to all badge holders.


9:00AM     Registration opens, breakfast and networking

10:00AM   Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:10AM   Plenary and Keynote Presentations

12:30PM   Lunch

2:00- 4:45PM Afternoon Breakout Sessions

TBA:      Office Hours

5:00 PM     Closing Remarks with Eric Ries and Chris Dixon (Andreessen-Horowitz)


9:00AM        Registration opens, breakfast and networking

10:00AM      Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:10AM      Plenary and Keynote Presentations: To be announced

12:30PM      Lunch

2:00 – 4:45PM  Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

TBA:      Office Hours

5:00 PM       Conference closing remarks with Eric Ries


Program for Platinum badge holders only

9:00AM – 5:00PM  Lean Startup Tours, in and around San Francisco

Be sure to check out our event sponsors and Startup Alley!


Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA. 94123